Neteller Casino

Neteller is a global E-wallet service hosted out of the United Kingdom. Like most other digital wallet services, Neteller gives customers the ability to pay for goods and services online without revealing their identity, personal details or sensitive financial information. The great thing about Neteller is its one-time card number feature. The reach of e-wallet sites is limited and, unfortunately, can never match up to the reach of corporate networks like MasterCard and Visa. However, Neteller gives its customers the option to generate a one-time credit card for use on any MasterCard or Visa enabled site. Simply use the number as you would with a normal credit card and, once the payment has been processed, the credit card number ceases to exist.

Another great feature of Neteller is its reward points system. Every time you transact with Neteller, you get reward points to redeem for exciting prizes. You also get points when you refer your friends to the service. You stand a better chance at getting more reward points when you sign up for Neteller’s VIP membership. users will find the service transparent, easy to ease and an incredibly powerful payment method. The next time you withdraw or deposit money at an our online casino, consider Neteller’s premium service.